Why breaking up weed with your fingers damages the terpene flavonoid taste

Those who love kitchen gadgets understand something that marijuana users are coming to understand, you need certain tools and gadgets to efficiently use your weed products. Weed smokers need papers, wrappers or pipes, ashtrays, lighters, storage cases, smell proof bags, and other tools. These tools make it easier for weed smokers to carry and use their products. Continue reading to learn more about weed, why breaking up weed with your fingers damages the terpene flavonoid taste, and the benefits of an electric weed grinder.

Marijuana, commonly referred to as cannabis, weed or Mary Jane, is a plant that is harvested, dried, and sold in flower buds. Weed is used medicinally and recreationally in states where it is legal. Weed is commonly used to reduce stress, anxiety, help reduce pain from certain illnesses, and has calming effects.

There are many components to weed, including CBD or cannabidiol and THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. Weed also contains terpenes flavonoids which add the aroma and flavor to weed.

A weed user could easily break up their weed without using any gadgets. With two fingers, a user could break the weed apart and roll it for use. However, using your fingers can damage the terpenes flavonoids in weed which are an essential part of the response and level of pain relief that the user experiences.

To reduce the chances of damaging the terpenes flavonoids in weed, users typically use a weed grinder. A regular weed grinder is typically a hand held small canister looking container, which is separated into a top and bottom half compartments. The weed goes into the top of the grinder. The actual top has spikes and as does the compartment, which also has holes for the weed to fall into the bottom after it is ground. Once the lid is on, the grinding can begin. The grinding is done by hand in a twisting motion, similar to screwing a top on a container.

People who suffer with arthritis in their hands, fingers, and wrists or who have other ailments that diminish their strength will have trouble with grinding in a regular hand held grinder. That is why the electric weed grinder is becoming more popular. Besides being a great tool to save time, electric weed grinders are convenient and will elevate your weed smoking experience. Therefore, weed smokers find it easier to use when they have an electric grinder, especially if they have ailments that prevent the user from a regular grinder.

Electric weed grinders are easy to use and Wakit Grinders have a variety that vary in price based on the size and attachments. Many stand about 7 inches, come with a cone filter, and are portable.

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