What to pay attention to when buying a gaming keyboard

Ergonomics and catchy designs are two of the most important attributes that differentiate gamers’ keyboards from ordinary keyboards. Designers of these keyboards have incorporated a lot of their creativity that it wouldn’t make sense to settle for anything other than dazzling. Gaming keyboards vary from very shiny, well designed models to very minimalistic models that focus on functionality more than the aesthetics. There are certain aspects of a gaming keyboard that you must pay attention to when buying one however. In this article, I will point out some of these factors to help you the next time you choose to change your small mechanical gaming keyboard.

Consider the manufacturer

The saddest thing in the gaming world is that people focus a lot on the manufacturer of the products they need than their quality. Thus, brand is usually the first consideration for most gamers. Whereas there is nothing wrong with that because 9 out of 10 brand name hardware items feature very good quality, it doesn’t always have to be like that. There are many manufacturers in this industry that engage in very aggressive marketing to get gamers to buy their products. Some of these products turn out to be a complete flop and buyers end up regretting their choices.

Even with that in mind, it shouldn’t mean that you should settle for a brand name you have never heard of. Go with a brand name that has been tested over the years and proven to be good for you.


Comfort is the biggest factor that contributes to successful gaming. You need to go for a keyboard that is convenient for your gaming style. Most keyboards are packed with certain features that make them suitable for gaming just like other gaming hardware. For instance, keyboards are incorporated with wrist stands that prevent your wrist from freezing when you spend many hours enjoying your favorite game. Look at features that offer you convenience and comfort.

On the issue of convenience, you should consider how keys are located on the keyboard. The keys need to be located appropriately so that you don’t end up accidentally hitting the windows key instead of ctrl for example and minimizing the window where you are playing the game so that you miss an important milestone.

Keyboard illumination

Most gaming keyboards are usually equipped with backlighting for your convenience. There are so many colors for backlighting for you to pick from. Some models also come with dynamic lighting too. In dynamic lighting, the keys may turn red when you are hit with a bullet or some kind of weapon. The price of keyboards that offer dynamic lighting usually increases with the level of tuning in the device. You could end up spending a lot of money on products that come with finely tuned dynamic backlighting. If you are working on a budget, you may want to go with minimalistic backlighting as long as you are comfortable enjoying the game.

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