What to Look for When Purchasing Wool Online

Nearly everybody buys online these days, but there are still a large number of people who prefer to visit their local store when buying things like wool or materials. Understandable really considering that some of the most important properties you will want to be sure of things like texture and quality of product. Because online retailers are starting to understand these need even more, you can find some really impressive customer service features available, just take a look at what some of the best knitting companies offer.

Price guarantees

The best companies offer price guarantees which is awesome for consumers, even after your purchase you will be able to contact the company and make a claim for the difference in cost of a competitors matching product. It really doesn’t get much better than this when looking for a company that is committed to making sure that you are happy and therefore, likely to return for future business.

Returns policy

Believe it or not, there are some companies that also offer you the benefit of a 365 day returns policy which is almost unheard of. This displays the ultimate in terms of commitment to customer satisfaction when you buy wool online in Australia, it really does inspire the utmost of confidence.

 Set delivery costs

One of the biggest things that can put people off of making purchases online is the additional cost of delivery or the amount it may cost if you are ordering a large amount of products, charge per weight, normally being the method in which most companies calculate delivery costs. Companies offering set or capped delivery costs are certainly something to look out for.

Payment options

Depending on the cost of your purchase you may want to deal with a company that offers flexible payment options, which some do. If you can agree payment terms with the supplier then it may work out better for you financially instead of making the purchase on a credit card or such like.


If you are a keen knitter, then you will be well aware that the quality of the products that you use need to be extremely good, especially if you want your work to last a long time. Knitting is quite a personal past time, hobby or job as a lot of hard work goes into making whatever you are creating.

As such so should the relationship be that you have with the supplier, that you buy from, looking at the features that some of the companies offer it would be wise to seek a company that offers the best in customer service.

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