Things you should know as you purchase ink cartridges

As you prepare to make your purchase of the ink cartridges online,  there are certain things that you will need to know beforehand. Despite the fact that technology has made processes to be paperless, there is still a need for printers, making them to retain their prominence, especially in the setup of offices.

But lack of its prevalence everywhere makes people to be illiterate as far as purchase of the consumables for the printer such as printer cartridges online, be it ink cartridges or toner cartridges. The printer cartridge market is large and varied and the following are some of the basics that you need to know before you buy one for yourself.

Inkjet and laser jet printers

The inkjet printers and laser jet printer are the two printer types which are on high demand when it comes to printer cartridge market demand. The laser printers have a process of digital printing that is electrostatic.

The graphics and texts are printed by having to pass repeatedly a laser beam back and forth over the cylinder which is negatively charged referred to as the drum to define an image which differently charged.

The drum collects selectively the powdered ink electrically charged and the image transfers to the paper, which is then heated in order to fuse permanently the imagery, text, or both. The inkjet printers are known to be fairly older in their origin and are the printers which are commonly utilized.

They are known to recreate digital images by having to propel ink droplets from the ink cartridges onto plastic, paper, or other substrates. It is necessary that you know the type of printer that you are owning when you go to the market to purchase cartridge. If you have a laser printer, you need to purchase a toner cartridge while if you have an inkjet printer, you should go for an inkjet cartridge.

Ink cartridges and toner

It is important to know what ink and toner cartridges are all about and how they tend to function, their price range in the printer cartridge market. The laser toner or toner cartridge is powdered ink that is charged. It is a fine printer cartridge that has a mixture of dry carbon, plastic particles and black or other agents for coloring which are charged electronically in the process of laser printing. The ink cartridges or at times referred to as printer ink cartridges are utilized for inkjet printers and contain liquid ink that get propelled on the paper to produce the required image or text

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