Synchronicity Hemp Oil is a Full Spectrum CBD

Synchronicity is described as a unique vibration in the mind that brings about an altered state of consciousness. In the hemp universe, synchronicity is not limited to only one mode; it takes on all modes and experiences. It is thought to be a powerful force that helps create a balance in one’s life between both conscious and unconscious states.

Some studies on hemp oil show evidence of reducing anxiety and panic attacks, reducing the effects of chronic pain, improving memory and concentration, and even healing minor brain lesions and brain tumors. These benefits have been scientifically studied and reported in numerous scientific publications.

Even more astounding is the fact that studies have shown that hemp oil use increases the length and quality of life for people who suffer from diseases like cancer. In addition, it can alleviate the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. There are many other illnesses and conditions for which it is effective; the list goes on. Because Synchronicity Hemp Oil is Full Spectrum CBD, it is considered very safe to take.

Because Synchronicity is not a simple mental occurrence, it is called a “formal” mental or spiritual practice. It is not uncommon to have a feeling of peace and security in the presence of another person for whom you have no personal relationship. In this state of mind, the brain is not working overtime, and nor are the nerves and cells that make up the human body. The only thing operating simultaneously is the brain; thoughts are flashed through the thinking process and the body does nothing. However, the human mind does not stop functioning while in this deep state of meditation.

During this experience, people may feel refreshed, invigorated and emotionally stable. They may become aware of things that were previously not even aware of. Some people experience the sensation of floating above their body and having complete control over it. This is also referred to as “Matter Espiritis,” or life force energy. It is the universal essence that permeates every cell in the body and the spirit and is the cause of bodily function and the basis for emotion.

Those who have had this experience report experiencing feelings of lightness, enhanced wisdom, and an overall sense of being in a much more relaxed state of mind. There are several different reports of this happening, each different from the last. Some say it feels like they are part of a waterfall pouring forth to reveal secrets, while others say it feels as if time itself is flowing backwards. It’s all relative to the individual.

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