Some Of The Dos & Don’ts Of Vaping Etiquette You Need To Know

It is becoming increasingly common for people to use vaping devices as they are an excellent way to stop smoking cigarettes and help control your nicotine addiction. However, many people use vaping devices without nicotine, so the number of vapers is swelling even more. It is vital to know vaping etiquette to ensure your habit does not annoy those around you, and there are unwritten rules that you must follow so as not to annoy other people who do not smoke or vape. Below are some tips to help you learn the correct vaping etiquette to use, so your enjoyable experience does not disturb others.

Vaping In Public

Many adult vapers confess that when it comes to vaping in public, they are unsure what the rules and etiquette are, and it seems to differ depending on where you go. One rule of thumb is that if you are indoors, you should not use your vaping device unless you have express permission allowing you to use your vaping device. You want to avoid using your vaping device around children and stay away from people eating or drinking, as your clouds of vape smoke may disturb them. Many public areas are updating their signs when there is a ban on smoking and including vaping devices in this ban, and if in doubt, you should ask someone whether you are allowed to vape.

Vaping In Private

When you are in your home you can vape as often as you want and not worry about where you are blowing your clouds of vape smoke. However, when you are visiting someone else’s property, you will want to be careful where you vape, even if they are happy for you to vape inside. You can consider using a vapour juice with a lower vegetable glycerine content when you go out, which means your clouds of vape smoke will not be as bog or as thick. When you are vaping, always blow your smoke away from others, and if possible open a window or blow the vape smoke out the door. Even if the owner has said you are okay to vape in the property, have consideration for others when vaping and it can help ensure there are no conflicts.

Turn Down The Wattage

If you are a vaper who loves cloud chasing, you will want to avoid blowing massive plumes of vape smoke in public which can annoy others, so you will want to turn down the wattage in your device if it is changeable. Another option you can consider is changing the vape juice you use while out in public and use one with a 50/50 VG (vegetable glycerine) and PG (propylene glycol) ratio. You can still control your nicotine cravings with these vape juices, and they will still taste delicious, but you are much less likely to annoy others while in public.

Trying to be empathic and consider others when vaping in public and doing so can help ensure that your highly pleasurable pastime does not disturb anyone else, and you prevent confrontations from arising.

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