Holsters and their carry location


There are many places where firearms can be stored and worn. You can wear your shoulder holster on your hand or you can choose to mix the firearm within other gears. With guns, you can place them anywhere as long as they fit well. What matters is being able to gain access to your firearm whenever you need it. Although you can place your firearm anywhere that you want and feel, you should practice drawing the firearm as a new location may end up complicating matters. Drawing your gun from whatever location should be a natural reflex and you should be comfortable while doing it. Here are some of the locations that you can use to carry your firearm

Hip carry your firearms

The first place for you to carry your firearm should be your hips. This is by far a place that is very common among many holster users. Traditionally, holsters were located or worn somewhere around the hip. Holsters are always designed with a location in mind. Whether it should be worn up your hip or down the hip, a holster will always be designed with a specific location. Many manufacturers always use the clock system to indicate where specifically the holster should be worn. If you do not wear the holster where it was designed to fit naturally, you will end up having a rough time with it. When you hear about noon, that means that the holster should be located below the belly button and 3 o’clock should be on the right size. This is very important when you are looking for the right holster as not all holsters will work for you.

When you are thinking of the hip carry, you should be thinking of the side carry, cross draw carry, appendix carry, and small of the back among others.

Shoulder carry

Another important location for 1911 holsters is the shoulder carry. Many people do love the sleek look when the gun is hanging. This is a location that is normally embraced by cops, detectives, and generally people in the force. This location is known to be the most attractive one. Although this is a location that looks fancy and comfortable, it should only be considered by people who routinely wear a firearm. The real benefit that you can get from shoulder holsters is their comfortability, their accessibility, concealability, and retention. If you have never tried this location, it can take you some time for you to be accustomed to or be familiar with it. You will need to do a lot of practice before this location gets into your system.

Thigh and ankle

Another place to expect place your firearm is in your ankle and thighs. When you are thinking of these types of holsters, expect to come across different types. This location is commonly used in tactical tasks or purposes. The tactical designs are also known as the drop leg. Just as the name suggests, these types of holsters are always wrapped around your ankles. Here, you benefit from concealability.

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