Four Reasons Why You Should Buy Native Trees

There are four major reasons why you should buy native trees. They are all environmentally friendly. They are all good for you, and they all affect your local eco-system. They also bring a lot of value to your home.

Why you should buy native trees

  • The first reason is that trees provide a place for many birds to live. That is not just their natural state.
  • When people build a house on the ground, they are destroying the ground. But when native trees are planted, they act as a barrier to erosion. This means that more land will stay alive, which provides habitats for more wildlife.
  • Secondly, native plants are beautiful. Even if we do not pay attention to them, they are there. In fact, there is no such thing as ‘disappearing’, as there is with non-native species.
  • One look at one of the famous trees on the cover of a National Geographic magazine will show you what I mean. One species might be very pretty, but there are hundreds, if not thousands, of native species of foliage that can be found almost anywhere. They are often spectacularly beautiful.

The third reason why you should buy native trees is that they help reduce your carbon footprint. In America, the big drivers of carbon emissions are cars. If those trees were not there, then the amount of carbon dioxide released would be even higher. The native plants act as a filter. This means that less carbon dioxide is released, which helps to reduce global warming.

The fourth reason why you should buy a tree is that it improves the health of your soil. Each tree is different. One type of tree may excel in your local climate, but another species will need to be brought in to do their best work. Native trees will do well in your area, allowing the beneficial microbes that exist in the soil to flourish. The result is better soil with less harmful organisms. That means less acidity and less potential damage to your lawn and gardens.

It might be tough to think of any of these reasons as being reason enough to buy a native tree. But when you consider the benefits and how much less you have to pay for them, it becomes clear that this is definitely a strong case for purchasing native trees. If you live in a part of the country or have purchased a naturalized tree, then you have already made a great investment in the future of your home or landscape. If you want to continue to enjoy those benefits, then now is the time to purchase native trees. And if you haven’t already, you should really get into the spirit of planting more trees.

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