Custom Velcro Patches – Design Your Patch!

Patches are used for multiples purposes, from strengthening the weak parts to symbolizing an organization or a company. Earlier these patches were made with hands, but now with evolving technology and machinery, they are manufactured in huge factories. Any company or organization can create their custom patches by specifying the design, the thread to be used and the fabric.

How to attach the patches?

Patches can be attached to a fabric through multiple means, and one of them is iron-on Velcro tape. With the help of this tape, patches or emblems can be easily attached to a piece of fabric and can also be easily removed. This tape can be purchased from the local market or can be ordered online. The amount of tape used depends on the size of the patch to be added.

Process of attaching the patches with Velcro tapes:

The steps involved in the process are:

  1. The cloth on which the patch is to be added is first washed properly, and they should be allowed to dry.
  2. Plug in the iron and gently iron it over the area where the patch is to be added.
  3. According to the size of the patch, cut two pieces of the adhesive tape.
  4. Place one piece of tape on the cloth and iron it, then allow it to cool.
  5. Place the other piece of tape on the patch and put the cloth on the top of the tape, iron it and then allow it to cool.

Your patch is now attached to the cloth without any hassle.

Advantages of attaching the patches with Velcro tapes:

The patches attached with Velcro tapes can be attached or removed easily and can make it possible to have more than one patch on the clothing. Custom Velcro Patches can make it possible to use the same clothing again and again with different patch designs.

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