Buying At-Home Chemical Peels? Check These Details!

If you are pumped about using at-home peels, you need to understand two basic things. Firstly, not all chemical peels are same, and secondly, results can vary. In recent times, the popularity of at-home peels has increased manifold, primarily because these products are effective for removing dead skin cells, without an expensive spa treatment. Also, contrary to popular belief, kemisk AHA peeling can be gentler on your skin, compared to regular scrubs, which often contain ingredients that are harsh. In this post, we are sharing the best tips for buying at-home chemical peels online.

  1. Read up on ingredients

There are numerous brands in the market, and each product can have a different type of active ingredient. Read the label to know the kind of ingredient used and how it is expected to work. Some of the best-known peels include alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), beta hydroxy acid (BHA), glycolic acid, and lactic acid. AHAs are generally better when improving skin tone is your first priority. If you have acne and problematic skin, products containing BHAs are better.

  1. Go easy with chemical peels

You may be tempted to use a chemical peel that promises deep exfoliation, but think again. When it comes to at-home peels, it is always better to look for lowest strength peels, and as you get a better understanding of how a product works for your skin, you can always work your way up.

  1. Find a reliable brand

Keep in mind that we are talking of facial skin here, and you don’t want to compromise on the product you are buying. Always select a brand that you can trust, and as we mentioned earlier, read all the details on the label carefully. Always use a chemical peel that is meant to be used at home – not one that’s meant to be used at a clinic, just because it is strong or promises to be more effective.

Follow the basic norms

There are a few things that must be followed for using a chemical peel. For instance, don’t use anything before using a peel. Always cleanse your face and pat dry, before using a peel, and don’t extend the time of the peel. Most chemical peels are meant to be used for less than 10 minutes only. Also, don’t use anything too harsh on your skin for the next 72 hours. You should, however, use an SPF.

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